Exclusive Interview    What inspires you when you create? I pull inspiration from everywhere from past experiences and even experiences of my friends and family. When I was younger writing music I thought I’d run out out of things to say or not be able to come up with anything. As I’ve gotten older I’ve … More CookShort

Sincerely Shaun

Exclusive Interview  What Inspires you the most What Inspires me the most when I create is life. I look at life in its own image everyday and I perceive different perceptions on why people move the way they do…even myself. Its inspirational, because life is constantly flowing and we evolve unknowingly, which helps me create … More Sincerely Shaun

Ron Smirnov

Exclusive Interview  BIO Ron Smirnov is an artist and producer based in Israel, who makes alternative music, he’s studying production for over two years, his music touches subject that are considered taboo. He’s now working on his first EP, his first single titled “oblivion” is about insecurities and about dealing with social encounters.     … More Ron Smirnov


Exclusive Interview  I=Inztinct B=Backwudz   What inspires you the most when you create? I- As cliché as it sounds man, its gotta be hands down my daughter. I honestly had givin up on music, and was out of the scene for almost 7 years. But between the urge to teach her to chase her dreams, … More F.B.M.


Exclusive Interview    Bio: I’m Rel from Baltimore, Maryland music producer. I been making beats for 17 yrs, my style is very versatile which I do contemporary music and hip hop. I do mixing, networking mastering , and promoting which I just want to be heard from fans.   What inspires me the most when … More Rel


Exclusive Interview  What inspires you the most? – MY STRUGGLE MY LIFE THE WAY THINGS MAKE ME FEEL THE WORLD  Top 5 Influences? – jayz ,2pac,dipset,gunit,ludacris New Projects? I got a new project coming out called WYLDLYFE GODZ KEY, August 10th then I’m releasing my new single ( I RUN THE CITY) TO ITUNES AND … More Boobieblood


1.Exclusive Interview    What inspires you the most when you create? What inspires me the most is the opportunity to reach others, especially the ones that come from nothing and show them we can make it through anything. Top 5 Influences? J.Cole, Cozz, Tupac, Lil Durk, and Pnb Rock New Projects? I have a EP dropping … More TayB

Doc Suess

Exclusive Interview    What inspires you the most when you create? I am inspired by experience. Life in general. Ups, downs, achievements, failures, trials and tribulations. I write music about what I have experienced and express my feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, excitement and everything in between. One of the biggest inspirations is the fans   … More Doc Suess


Exclusive Interview   What inspires you the most when you create? When I’m creating, what inspires me the most is the vibe, the energy and the people I’m with. I also try to use any past constructive criticism & advice and incorporate it in what whatever I’m doing   Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences … More maltonxman

Bria Cheri

Exclusive Interview    What inspires you the most when you create?When I create I always draw on how I’m feeling and what I want to talk about. I pull on my personal experiences and put myself mentally back into that time. I remind myself of those emotions I had or the emotions of people around … More Bria Cheri