Pope Coke

  Exclusive Interview      What inspires you the most when you create? My best ideas always come to me in the shower. All the songs I make relate to my life at some point in time in one way or another. I think that’s what every artist should strive for. Music is always supposed … More Pope Coke


Exclusive Interview    what inspires you the most when you create? Honestly, real life situations inspire me the most when creating music. AlexTheeMack Who your top 5 influences? Nas, Biggie, Jay Z, 50 cent and Kanye West (in his prime) lol.   When are your projects coming out? My new project is in the works … More AlexTheeMack

Myro Carti

Exclusive Interview What inspires you the most? What expires me the most when I create is that people all over the world will here my craft and my life story and hopefully get the motivation to make they’re own craft and be able to make it in life with they’re story also Top 5 Influences? … More Myro Carti


Exclusive Interview    Bio: Darrell Wayne is a 29 year old versatile artist/writer from Houston, Texas who is better known by his stage name “Deuce” or known as “H-Town Beast”. In 2013 Deuce dropped his first hit single “O.G.” featuring Chell which was the song that gave him the buzz as a solo act that … More Deuce


Exclusive Interview   BIO LucyV is a one of a kind hip-hop artist out of Detroit, MI. Her versatile flow and unique lyrics are out of this world. LucyV is one to keep you guessing, from powerful statements to pure rhythm and poetry. She’s the brand new style with the old school flair you’ve been looking … More LucyV

William Hut

Exclusive Interview  Bio: William Hut is praised internationally for his work with Norwegian Grammy winners Poor Rich Ones, and received rave reviews for his nine solo albums, The genre-dipping pop sound of William Hut is sure to stop listeners dead in their tracks. Hut’s debut solo album Road Star Doolittle was in Rob O’Connor’s (Rolling … More William Hut

Zro Balance Beats

Exclusive Interviews Bio: Producer from Los Angeles, Ca. I have worked with Qtastic and SoundMasterz Official Audio, QMajor Beats, Dread$, and more. I am currently focused on the Hip-Hop/Trap Genre but also looking to expand my sound. If your interested in trap beats with hard hitting bass, I have what your looking for. I make … More Zro Balance Beats


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? Top 5: Joji, Rich Brian, Skrillex, deadmau5 and Dillon Francis New Projects?  Fortune coming out September 3rd What helped you get into music?  My older brother also makes music and currently studies at Uni. Just seeing Rich Brian’s breakdown vid on YouTube made me think I can definitely do this … More Zyleph


Exclusive Interview  BIO MNCE are a family of music producers specializing in Turntablism and Live Instrumentation. MNCE’s album Sound Reflections is a R&B/New Age/Contemporary/ Instrumental EP consisting of originally written music. With the use of live drums, pianos, bass and lead guitars, and many other instruments, the group provides music lovers with a chance to experience … More MNCE