Exclusive Interview 

Give us your bio: We formed in late 2016. Myself and Matt met through a mutual mate and started writing together. Pete on drums joined a few months later then Jim, Petes brother, picked up Bass and we were off. I think we’ve pretty much practiced every week since then bar a few short holidays in between. In a short space of time we’ve played all over the North West of England at some prestigious venues, Jimmys, Night and Day Café, Soup Kitchen in Manchester – EBGB’s and Zanzibars in Liverpool with more in the pipeline for later this year. We’ve got a big one planned at the end of year but we’re keeping that quiet for now, you’ll have to check back on our socials for more information over the coming months.

Top 5 influences? We have quite an eclectic taste of music between the four of us, so our influences are vast. Top 5 as a band would be: Oasis The Smiths Stone Roses Red Hot Chilli Peppers Pearl Jam

When are new projects coming out? We’re back at MJM Studios in July to record our new single which we are hoping to release in late August. Then we want to continue on gigging and getting some new tunes down ready to release another EP in late 2018. We may have a big gig announcement for December as well, you’ll have to keep checking our socials for that.

What helped you get into music? Finding people who are into the same music as you is one of the best feelings you can have, you get an instant connection over music. The people we’ve grown up with have all had a massive influence on us getting into music, our families, our friends our neighbors. Going to gigs from a young age gives you the buzz you need to get into it. We’re all the same. We grew up listening to what our dads played and that’s had a huge influence on our sound.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? Believe in yourself…and if you think modern day music is shit come to one of our gigs.

What are your biggest goals for 2018? More gigging, more recording and to start generating some interest in some labels. Most importantly it’s about carrying on making music we love. As long as we’re happy that’s all that matters. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Youtube:

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