Big Whig

big whig

Exclusive Interview 

What inspired you to create? What inspires me most when I create is the fact that I can be creative and original and voice my thoughts and feelings that I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about on an everyday basis. I’ve spent my entire life using other people’s music as therapy, I want to be that therapy for someone.

Top  Influences? Top 5 influences is a hard question cause I’m really influenced every time I hear a song that I vibe with. However, Kanye West, Blink 182, J. Cole, Mac Miller, Big Sean were the artists that I was listening to at the time that I started to really want to get involved with music. But I am influenced every time I press play.

New Projects? I’m constantly working on multiple projects at a time. I try to consistently drop new music and I never turn anyone down who asks to work with me. I am working on a 5 song EP that hopefully I can get done within the next 6 months but who knows how long it could take.

What helped me get into music? Hmmm, I’ve been writing music a lot longer than I’ve been recording. I’ve been writing since high school but really started recording about 2 years ago. Just seeing every single goofball and their mother making music on social media, I figured I’d do it too instead of just watching and telling myself that I too could do that.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I’d tell my fans is that they need to do a better job of being fans cause I didn’t even know I had any! No but really, if there are any fans, just help spread the word. I’m always trying to push new music and artists on my friends so I’d appreciate it if others would step out and do the same.

Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals of 2018 are to finish the EP and to get one of my songs on the radio, I got a hit or two being slept on.

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