Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? When I create I usually have listened to the news and most times I’m thinkin about my future and my daughter’s future. The emotion I feel from whatever the day brings usually guides my sound.

Top 5 Influences? My top five influences: pharell, big krit, Gorillaz, Outkast, Kid Cudi

New Projects?  I have a new beat tape dropping next month entitled nostalgia vol 2. Volume 1 is out now via bandcamp

What got you into music? I helped myself get into music. From downloading cracked versions of software to using tape recorders to make songs. I loved the process of music and I’m very musically inclined.

Anything to tell your fans? To fans of my music..I know I’ve been out of the loop due to me producing, but I have new music being mixed and ready for release. You’ll be hearing my voice again soon.

Biggest Goals for 2018? I compose music that belongs in 2030 2. Make 1k off of producing since it’s my first official year 3. Gain a lot of new fans

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