Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? The music inspires me the most! I’ll let the melodies talk to me and show me the way

Top 5 Influences? My top five influences are Bone Thugs in Harmony, J.Cole, The 99-2000 Cash Money and No Limit, T.I, Young Thug, Nirvana

New Projects? 7 Deadly Cyns Vol.2 around October.

What got you into music? Growing up listening to pops with his blues! Started recording with a local label and did a few shows and they showed us so much love, that’s what really sparked it off right there! I loved that attention as a teen!

Anything to tell your fans? To trust, believe, and take this journey with me, be honest and tell me if some shit suck… because a true fan gone always keep it one hunid… constructive criticism isn’t hating!

Goals for 2018? to gain a legit fanbase that truly support what I’m doing! I’m talking like 80k followers on each social media site, to shoot a video and get it featured on World star, and to get interviewed by Saycheese or Vlad TV! is my IG,SoundCloud,and Twitter!

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