Exclusive Interview 

BIO  im a haitian american rapper based out of south florida broward county to be exact

Top 5 Influences? my top 5 influences had to be Curren$y for one then id have to say krit, Ugk, lil wayne & B.I.G

New Projects? the new project I’m releasing is called “All 4 The Better” & its really a tape explaining most of my hiatus & most of the things that I been through while dealing with depression for nearly 2yrs, the message I really want to send is growth even through the dirt one must bloom through the terrain

What got you into music? what made me wanna do music was listening to lil waynes old young money tapes, cash money really big where im from so just being influenced by them made me wanna tell my story & my side of things

Anything to tell your fans? to my fans all I have to say is believe in me, theirs alot of times where we creatives feel as if we don’t have enough & all it takes is 1 person who probably heard a song you made years ago who could change all that with a simple exchange, so keep believing

Biggest Goals for 2018? my biggest goal this year is too go on an indie tour & just release ALOT more content for the people who believe in me

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