Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? Usually it’s a sound (whether it be an instrument, a certain chord or a melody), like something that really hits me and gets my mind flowing without me even having to force anything. Also depends on the day I’m having and what I did with that day. If I had a positive productive day it puts me in this really confident killer mentality where I have no doubts about what I’m feeling or creating so just flow without second guessing what I sang/rapped.


Who are your top 5 influences? Easily Blink-182 cuz that’s the type of shit that got me through like middle school and even high school. Being a drummer Travis Barker was also a main influence coming from them. J cole cuz of his lyricism and vision, he’s really just the GOAT in my opinion. Mac Miller and Eminem cuz they were the first guys to really like take my rap virginity, certain aspects of gangster rap I couldn’t relate to being a little white boy from the suburbs of Chicago so Eminem with his goofy stuff like “Just Lose It” was the first rap music I would like sit in my basement in front of a mirror and rap along with almost as if I was Eminem as stupid as that sounds. And then Mac Miller was just on that K.I.D.S vibe that I would just listen to while playing video games and truly vibe out to despite my upbringing. Finally, Felly. When I was a freshman in college I heard one of his songs and just looked him up on YouTube and saw him just whip up beats and rail the keyboard in his dorm room at USC and I was like “damn that looks like so much fun but also a dope way to rekindle my passion for music” so that got me into producing and from there the artistry followed.


New Projects? As far as new projects me and my executive producer Jack Frost (fire ass producer who does movie scores and shit cuz he’s a bad ass) are always cookin new ideas and storing them away. We were kind of on that “make one drop one” vibe for awhile where if we really liked something we’d just release it but after taking a trip to LA and getting advice from our main mentor Farsi (1/2 of Wallis Lane who produces for Travis Scott, Drake, and Logic) we are gonna really make sure we are releasing the best music we can possibly make so that may involve sitting on a bunch of songs for awhile and releasing the ones we really like in an album format. So to sum that up we are always working on new stuff but undecided on release dates at this point in time.


What helped you get into music? what helped me get into music is definitely my blood line. My grandpa is an old school Italian guy from the city of Chicago who plays that technical jazz drumming and my uncle (his son) also drums some crazy shit so since I was like 1 year old I literally had drum sticks in my hands and eventually me and some neighborhood friends would go on to form a punk rock band that played together for most of our youth but just kind of dispersed as we all went to college and shit.


Anything to tell your fans? one thing I’d tell my fans is just don’t give up on your dreams. As cliche as that may seem it’s true. I feel like so many people feel discouraged to even really look into what they love to do cuz they’re worried about rejection from their parents and peers but never stop chasing that thing. For me it’s music for other it people it could be a million different things but it’s just a matter of being relentless and truly finding your purpose, which is a daunting ass thing to do but just sticking with it and being relentlessly consistent your imagination can become reality it’s just a matter of not giving up. I’ve thought about giving up a million times if I’m being honest because of self-doubt and lack of results that I envision happening over night but I’m always on my own ass pushing myself everyday to stick with it cuz I really do love making music; it is hard keeping that tunnel vision living in a world full with distractions.


Biggest Goals for 2018? biggest goals for 2018 Me and my boy Jack LoMastro (aka Jack Frost) are trying to get a placement on a main artist’s track. That’s always been a main dream of his and I’m super supportive of him and since he’s always helping me and literally spending hours making beats and mixing my vocals and all that other stuff I want to see him prosper cuz he really deserves it and whenever we produce beats together it’s just something special. Beyond that I want to find my sound as a singer. Singer is hard as f*ck man and it can be easy to get discouraged when you hit a wrong note or don’t quite have the technique but it comes with time for sure. Once that comes we are really gonna be unstable cuz our creative vision as a squad is super unique and unlike a lot of what these other kids are doing. Not trying to talk down or condescend but that’s just how I see it. We tryna take off but I know that takes time and I don’t wanna rush something that I want to last forever. So yeah. Bottom line, goal for 2018 is keep progressing and build a nice big portfolio of unreleased music to release at the end of the year or 2019.

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