Exclusive Interview 



BIO I was born in Memphis, my dad moved to Brooklyn n I moved to Nashville (long story short) so those places are where I spent/still spend a lot of time. I’ve been making music since I was really young, ive always wanted to make music but my friends weren’t on that yet, rap music was the only thing I could make by myself.


Top 5 Influences? My biggest influences are Kanye, 50, Em, Anthony Bourdain, and prolly Virgil Abloh


New Projects? My next project is a 4 song ep entirely produced by Topper Atwood featuring Nessly & and my brother Lil Bruh Davis. That’s jus gonna drop in the next days. It’ll prolly already be out by the time this interview is out. After that ima drop a series of songs produced by Harold Harper through out July.


What got you into music? My Dad got me into music heavy, when I was real young he showed me Kiss n I loved that shit. Then he introduced me to a bunch of punk music. The first rap music I ever heard I’m pretty sure was the Chronic, and Dr. Octagon when I was like 6-7 If I could tell my fans anything I’d ask them to be patient and stick with me, cause I’m not going anywhere I’m just battling a lot of demons and that’s why I disappear sometimes, but I love each and every one of them and everytime I hear from them it makes me want to keep going, so please reach out, I love talking to my supporters 


Goals for 2018? Goals for 2018 would be to drop a lot of music, make some fire music videos, make some clothes, play some outta town shows and get some national attention. I got a lot to say and do for the world, I wanna be a beacon of positivity for people going thru it. I’ve never been good at dealing with my issues but I hope I can help other people with theirs. And push people to follow their dreams no matter what.

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