Grey Charles

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO I’m a 30 year old producer, songwriter, engineer, rapper/singer from the eastside of Detroit. My uncle introduced me to hip hop and sampling when I was in elementary, which led to me falling in love with music from all genres and time periods. I’ve been taking music seriously for about 7 years & gaining a lot of credits under the rap alias “Illuminati G”. My recent releases under the Grey Charles moniker include “Pass The Time”, the nicely received “Outside Looking In” , “Like A Star” and the most recently released “Crosstown Freestyle”.

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences are Timbaland, Pharrell, Q Tip, Stevie Wonder and Travis Scott

    New Projects? I’m currently crafting my first release. Due out by the beginning of August. Im making sure I put the right songs together and have them sounding as good as possible. I like to try and push the envelop sonically.

    What got you into music? My uncle and my dad are my 2 biggest influences. My uncle gave me the love for hip hop. Any time he picked me up we always rode around to the latest tapes that were out. He literally gave me a copy of everything over the years and made me study albums and how they sounded and the impact they had. And he also showed me the art of sampling. My dad just amplified that bc he would always make us listen to oldies. So I was entrenched in music

    Anything to tell your fans? If I could tell my fans one thing, it’s to find the feeling in music again. I know we live in the microwave generation but when you listen to the artist try to see what emotion he / she was trying to convey. The Song might resonate differently when you use a different ear.

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goal is to drop a song that is so great, that it will resonate with people from all walks of life which would hopefully lead to a favorable partnership with a label. I have a million ideas that need a budget and ppl that believe in me

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