Dot-Com Intelligence

    1.                                            Exclusive Interview 

      What inspires you the most? What inspires me the most when I create is the skill of bending and moulding the English language. To make it coded and use unrelated ideas and concepts and totally make it not only black but universal.

      Top 5 Influences? my influences are and were (there are too many) 5% nation, KA, Sean Price (RIP), Rev. Phil Valentine, KRS 1, and the book Song of Solomon

      New Projects? My project Swag Godly Hard Body, Vol. 3 is out… it been out since two weeks ago. There is also Villianous with producer Viles that was released in April….(really dark hard shit) all and more are available on all streaming sites and

      What got you into music? What got me into music was my family. Music has always been in my immediate and extended families lives. My mother sang in local groups back in the day, my uncle was a local DJ. Ever since I was born there was music in my life.

      One thing you would tell your fans? (a complete honor for me) is LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!!!

      Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is to be recognized on bigger platforms being myself, Get my music The KILLERTAPE NETWORK and have strong supportive fanbase as I keep working.

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