Myro Carti

  1. Exclusive Interview

    What inspires you the most? What expires me the most when I create is that people all over the world will here my craft and my life story and hopefully get the motivation to make they’re own craft and be able to make it in life with they’re story also

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 would have to be asap rocky 2pac Xxxtentacion Playboy carti R kelly

    New Projects? I have a ep coming within the next couple of weeks while my albums is still in the works

    What got you into music? just always being around my pops and uncle and just peeping game and then just started freestyling for em.. and I just kept going with it..and got sum studio equipment in been going from there

    Anything to tell your fans? Biggest thing I would tell my fans is keep going don’t listen to anything negative trying to hold you back.. always believe in yourself and never put your head down keep your faith in yourself

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals in 2018 is to keep focused and keep releasing music and get to a bigger platform.. manly to keep working consistently

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