Exclusive Interview 

BIO MNCE are a family of music producers specializing in Turntablism and Live Instrumentation. MNCE’s album Sound Reflections is a R&B/New Age/Contemporary/ Instrumental EP consisting of originally written music. With the use of live drums, pianos, bass and lead guitars, and many other instruments, the group provides music lovers with a chance to experience music originality. The album includes various sounds to mirror their original tracks establishing balance, good energy, and creativity all while providing great music production. MNCE looks to break the scene with this EP and they claim they have over 500 instrumentals. The group has live dj tapes and breakbeats that that are free to listen to on their YouTube page. MNCE have produced several instrumentals in many genres. On MNCE’s website, there are exclusive purchases, lease’s, 50/50 deals, beats to write to, and other cool activities.

Top 5 influences? golden era hiphop jazz ,classic r&b , Gogo, and anything on vinyl

New Projects? We currently have an instrumental album dropping june 29th. It will be available on iTunes , Spotify, tidal , all platforms . This is an r&b / contemporary album entitled Sound Reflections performed live by MNCE. We have another project that we will put on YouTube for the heads and there will be free download link. This album is entitled 3D Cakes by MNCE.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing we will tell our fans is that we have been making music since the early 90s and their is Vinyl LP from 96 still available for purchase .

Goals for 2018? Our goals for 2018 is to drop this EP and earn enough money to put out more music and a few full length albums. If we catch the ears of artists we will be excited and happy to work with them in any genre as we are able supply beats. Please spread the word. We are here to inspire thru good vibes and great music. This album has all original music. There aren’t any samples and we played live. The album 3D cakes is full of samples and it’s free and dedicated to anyone who loves hiphop. In the future We will drop some of these trap beats but for now we will keep it authentic Fans of music who are looking for that new sound should def check out sound reflections and fans who love 90’s hiphop should check out 3D cakes It’s Natural vibrations of the universe and energy of people that helps us create these songs

What got you into music? As we aim to inspire and this is what got us into music

iTunes link – Soundcloud link – Bandsite – YouTube – https:.comchannelUCYDKuC0aHyO08s4AKA2aPHg Please post blog/article after June 29th as the iTunes link and YouTube uploads will be available after this date .

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