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Give us your bio I was born & raised in Reese just outside of Saginaw, MI as the son of a GM factory worker and a teacher. I grew up listening during the golden age of hip-hop and dove into it from an early age. Growing up in Michigan while the east coast & west coast sounds were exploding, I also got a lot of influence from local midwest artists. I then moved to Atlanta where I really got to absorb that ATL sound for the 10 years I lived there. A brief 3yr stint in Chicago then I moved back to Michigan and live just outside Ann Arbor now and I’m putting all of my musical influences together into my own unique take on Lofi hip-hop & chill hop.


Who are your top 5 influences?  Big K.R.I.T.,  J Dilla , Bone thugs~n~harmony , Outkast,  Sam Gellaitry


When are your new projects coming out?  I have been putting out singles about one or two a month for the last year or so on Soundcloud and only recently put several of them out via my distributor to Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube, Tidal, and most of the other major streaming services. I’ve recently slowed down with the single releases the last few months as I’ve been focused on putting together a cohesive body of work that brings back the nostalgic feelings of a summer vacation like I used to enjoy here in Michigan as a child. Whether you call it an EP or album depends on your perspective, but right now I have 9 new tracks ready for it that fit that theme and I plan to get the album out to the public in the next 1-2 months.


What helped you get into music?  I feel like I’ve always been into music and music has always been a part of me. Whenever I’ve struggled in life, music helped put my soul at ease. Listening to music, making music, whatever, it just settles my mind. That said, I credit my parents in always encouraging me to enjoy and learn music from taking me to piano lessons for 7 years, to being a percussionist and taking drum lessons. These things are the foundation of my love and knowledge of music. In high school and college, I sampled music to make beats to rap on for fun, but eventually, life got in the way and that fell away for a while. More recently, in the last 3 years, I just felt like I had all this music in me that I wanted to get out and I dove back into music production with a renewed energy. I had mostly just been making music for myself and my own enjoyment, because I had difficulty finding the style & sound of music that I wanted to relax to. Eventually, I stumbled across the lofi hip-hop scene and this whole new world of music opened up to me with all these fantastic producers making a similar style of music that I had been searching for and making. As I got more engaged in the scene and a few artist collectives, I found that these producers, men & women from all walks of life, were super helpful, open and willing to share their art and provide lots of feedback that has been invaluable to me and my growth as a producer. It’s just a fantastic community of artists from around the globe that I truly love working with. I especially have to shout out the good folks in the & Dust Collectors artist collectives. Great people doing big things and I’m thankful to be able to work with them every day. One thing that I find interesting about the lofi scene, is that so many other genres have a very specific locale that you can pinpoint as the genesis of that sound as artists work together in the same city or neighborhood and develop a similar sound. But with Lofi Hip-Hop, it takes that old school, boom-bap sound and brings it back in a new, interesting way, but there’s not a single geographic area that truly has a claim on it. It’s being developed, not by artists working in a single location, but by a virtual community of artists all over the world and I think that is very cool and speaks to the shift in modern life where many things are moving into the virtual realm, for better or worse. In this case, I think it’s definitely for the better as producers from all over the globe help drive and develop exciting new ideas in the genre.


What is one thing you would tell your fans?  Thank you for listening, I appreciate your support and I’ll do my best to keep you entertained with some good ol’, laid-back, lofi chill-out music. Keep an eye on my Spotify: & Instagram for regular updates:


What are your biggest goals for 2018?  I’m focused on releasing my album and getting a team together to handle some of the aspects where I’m weak. I love producing, but have very little experience with the other aspects. * I have a fantastic collage artist, Erin, making all the art for the album cover, songs & singles I’ve released. I’ve known her for over 20 years and she is a wonderfully talented artist. She has a very active Instagram with all of her work. Check it out here:

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