Exclusive Interview 



BIOCrisis (Cr3aL) – Born in Providence, RI – May 1994 – Learned the value of hard work at an early age and used it to push myself to be the best I can be in all things. (It is an everyday struggle). – Dealt with a life riddled with death, abuse, and pain. Looking on to better things. – I always had a passion for music; growing up, it was the only source that could dictate a deep feeling. Through life, I encounters drugs, fighting, hatred, and pain. It was through the music that I found peace. – Music fuels my soul. Through it I feel connected to other individuals. Because of it, I can find truth. Without it, life is dark. Music helps show me the path to God on the Stairway to Heaven.


Who are your top 5 influences? 21 Pilots – Eminem – Disturbed – Logic – Akon


When are your new projects coming out? I am consistently putting out new music. I decided to make an EP album that will be coming out in the next couple months. There will be some smaller projects up until November. – I have been thinking about doing a seasonal album for the holidays, but that is still TBD.


What helped you get into music?My father gave me my first guitar on my 8th birthday. It has taken off since then.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Don’t ever hesitate to tell me what style and ideas you think would be cool. I’m here to spread a message to you that I hope you will hear and appreciate. I want to make sure I present that message in a way that speaks to you. – Also, share the music to others! It’s a beautiful entity that can unite so many! 


What are your biggest goals for 2018? – prepare, practice, and perfect my market and efforts; to obtain a spot on the XXL freshman list for 2019. – turn my passion for music into my lifelong career.

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