Exclusive Interview 

BIO  L.A. SLVMDXWGS is a duo that consists of Chex and Goblin we come from Los Angeles and we come from many different musical backgrounds

Top 5 Influences? Chex: I don’t think I have a top 5 per say for me it changes but some things that influences are necro, the doggystyle album and creepin on ah come up is just some of the hardest shit out there. seeing the movement first hand and watching the crowd being a little more interactive than shows that host metal bands but the real thing that keeps me going is seeing the support my homies have for me doing this. I’m always being looked at as if I’m wasting time.

Goblin: Three six mafia for sure is a huge influence on me specially Lord infamous with his triplet flows really catches my attention and also all the rappers in this underground scene always bringing the raw energy and how diverse it is overall.

New Projects? as a group we decided to do songs both solo and together so now & then we will release some solo singles, Goblin just dropped a solo song called “distance” up in our soundcloud(L.A. SLVMDXWGS) and on the 30th of june we are releasing a little demo tape with my brother symbolic called “40’z In Da Whip…” and soon after another tape called “On The Prowl…”. This is happening after our first show in NOHO on the 29th!(to which we have tickets available for) We are playing with P2thegoldmask 5hunnidpheebz, danny the demon, evilmane, blvc svnd, gwapmizzle, gwap lord d. So there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on while also tryin to build a foundation.-

What helped you get into music: Chex: back in like 2010 I was really enthusiastic about metal I wanted to sing for a band but then ended up learning drums by air drumming instead and since then I’ve been a raging drummer playing some good shows with some of the bands I play with. I currently play in two punk bands called Psyk Ward and The Paradoks (feel free to check them out too!) but also venturing with psychedelics really expanded the sounds in my mind and so I really started exploring more with music.

Goblin: My brothers were the ones who got me into music, they were into a lot of punk and hip hop/rap I was around 9 or 10 years old listening to it with them, my oldest brother plays guitar an he gave me one of his old guitars an from there I just taught my self an got into metal, jazz. Music has always been around me since I was a kid music has always caught my attention.

Anything to tell your fans? Chex: Something I would want our fans to know is to live life without taking it for granted cherish it while you can cuz it can be snuffed out in just a second. Also believe in yourself and stay educated because there are a lot of dumb people these days.

Goblin: To the people who dig our shit (as we’re upcoming) I’ll like to say do what the fuck what makes you happy, People love to put “others” down to make them self’s feel better , just don’t let people’s bull shit get to you, who gives a fuck what people say about you cause only you know whats true.

Biggest goals for 2018? Being that we have only been at it for about six months, we got our first show coming up we are getting some merch ideas done so we can have some for our fans, we would wanna work on building up more of a fanbase and maybe even getting in on a few more shows. Doing some features with some of our favorited artists but time will tell what we do. get some music videos down and out. mainly we just want to have fun with this music because sometimes it’s all we have to keep us up while we struggle in the slums. Thanks for everything and the constant support. shout out fantasy hop! stay blazed and you will hear more from us!

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