Crazy Jay-T


Exclusive Interview 


BIO I was born and raised in ND. Been here all my life. I’m 17 currently, until December 1st. Lived with my mom up until about 3rd grade when I decided to move to Bismarck with my dad. Lived with him till I was 15 and my dad and step mom split. After all that I decided to hop on online school so I could work more since it was just my dad and I. That was goin good till my computer took a shit so I’ve just been dropped out since. Eventually got kicked out and moved in with my boss and other coworker. Lived with them for a while till I lost that job but was still living with them. I started sellin some bud So I could buy myself food and keep payin rent but just saw myself goin down a path I didn’t wanna follow. So I packed up my shit and moved back to dickinson with my mom about 9 months ago. Few weeks before that is when I started rapping. Wrote my first song ever “the come up” and have just had a passion for it ever since.


Top 5 Influences? I have many influences but Anilyst. Eminem. Anonymouz. Merkules and Chris Webby are 5 if my biggest. Many many more tho.


New Projects? I have some new songs ready to drop but for awhile I had an apt with a buddy that eventually fell through after some chick helped herself to it and have been forced to move back in with my mom. Who doesn’t really support my music as much as I’d like her to so I don’t have a place to record atm.


What got you into music? My whole life I’ve loved music. Not so much rap till around the time my parents split tho. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I didn’t like it. Just wasn’t my style at the time. Around age 12 I played a lil guitar. Did that for a bit, nothin too special tho. When I started smokin weed is when rap really hit me. I started listening to every aspect of the song and it was just beautiful to me. Then my cousin moved in with me and we started freestylin. Eventually wrote a song and boom. Now I’m here spittin never quittin.


Anything to tell your fans? Most important thing I’d like to say to people listening to my music would just be “feel it bro” I may not have the “catchiest beats” or dopest hooks that everyone is so set on nowadays but I do have passion. Will. And some ill ass shit to say. Along with an overwhelming love for music and expression.


Biggest goals for 2018? I’m just setting myself up. This right here is the beginning of my journey. I have a long ass road ahead of me and I hope it’s a good one. For the past couple months I’ve been working 5 jobs. Car wash, putting up siding on houses, front desk at a hotel along with maintenance there as well. And makin pizza at papa johns. Work 7 days a week just to make shit happen. Way I see it, if you want somethin. Then take it. Not in illegal terms but by getting tf up and doin it. I’ve recently gotten into an accident. Some dumbass cut me off and totaled my car. So I have to finish paying that off AND buy a new one but once I’m all squared away I’m buying an enclosed trailer and am just gonna put a studio in that and hit the road. Go wherever the universe and my music takes me. Until then it’s rhymin and grindin.

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