Souwa Geez

Exclusive Interview

(Bio) My name is Souwa Geez, and I’m an artist from Philadelphia. I grew up in both North Philadelphia as well as Uptown. (1) Growing up I listening to various artists such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, T.I. (T.I.P.), and later began to appreciate artists like J. Cole. But one artist that always kept me interested and always gave me the motivation and the competitive energy to do more and be better was my uncle, R-Dot, (@rdot_215 on instagram). As I fell deeper in love with the art of music, I found myself creating 3 projects over time.

New Projects? entitled “SimCity”, I released on , on December 20th, 2013. My second project, entitled “LiveVia66”, I released on as well, on February 29th, 2016. And most recently, I released a project entitled “UnderPressure”. Each project with a small connection to me in different ways, “SimCity” being a gesture or introduction to the rap game like this is my territory and I’m here to stay. “LiveVia66” representing the part of Uptown I resided in. Finally, “UnderPressure” was a vivid way to describe the feeling I was having during a time of my life, I was going thru a lot with family, friends, the cops, jobs, life was literally hitting me like a brick and that’s what came out.

What got you into music?  I have several collaborations with several artists from my camp, including King Luchinao (@kingluchiano_ on instagram), DaKidd Muj ( on instagram), 100Grand Hiem ( on instagram) and YoungFreeChillin (@youngfreechillin on instagram). All these artists helped mold me into the artist you see today by being my brothers, young and old, no matter the situation.

Anything to tell your fans? I want the fans to know that all music is good music, and to anybody that enjoys being free and charismatic, feeling the music with your mind and soul before your ears, I hope I can provide that same emotion with my work.

Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for 2018 are to start cementing my name and really getting going with exposure and being seen. Also I’m preparing more material for all my listeners and the new listeners just joining.  I could have my first EP ready by early December. Look out for Souwa everywhere, follow me on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube: , you can find me on reverbnation: souwageez , and SoundCloud: 6600Geez. SouwaDrip coming soon!!!

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