Uncle Ricky


Exclusive Interview 


Bio: My name is Uncle Ricky and I am based out of a small town just outside of Cleveland. I am a music producer, DJ and Engineer. I make Electronic music that weaves between, House, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep and EDM. I have also been working with a few rappers the past two months developing their sound and style. I’ve been performing bar and clubs gigs in the Midwest of America and Southern Spain the past two years and looking to continue to play out more and keep making music. The best is still to come!


Top 5 Influences? My top five influences are Gramatik, Griz, Purple Disco Machine and Bassnectar. I can’t leave out Kanye either, the hip hop in me always draws some similarities and influences from his drums and sample chops.


New Projects? I am in the process of still conceptualizing my second studio album. I have hundreds of beats and ideas that I will put out constantly throughout the rest of the year as singles or beats for sale. I also have a dubstep EP in the works for August as well as a 6 track electro house EP and mix for September. My good friend LSTNGHT and I also have a 3 track EP almost finished up. Be on the lookout!


What helped me get into music? I actually have an extensive musical background. I started playing upright and electric bass at the age of 10. I started playing classical and Jazz charts all the way through my undergraduate degree where I studied Jazz performance. When I was 16 I went to my first electronic music live show and fell in love with it. I started producing on Logic and it only went farther from there. I was making hip hop beats and that gradually turned into the melting pot of genres that I make today. Last year, I got my Master’s degree from Berklee College of Music’s Valencia, Spain campus in Music Production, Technology and Innovation. There, I really honed in on my production skills while properly learning how to mix and master on top of the numerous club gigs at night. Now I am just continuously making music for people to get down to!


Anything to tell your fans? The biggest thing I would tell my fans is that I am still working NON STOP on new music. I’ve got a lot in the works that I think will catch the attention of a lot of people! So please, continue the support and keep sharing, commenting and liking all my content!


Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for 2018 would be to just keep getting gigs, keep making connections and keep putting out music. I am really excited for where my second album will end up musically and I know people are going to love it!

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