Exclusive Interview 


Bio Born and raised in Spartanburg South Carolina daryl gist aka king bogie is a talented artist who plans on becoming a major voice in the hip-hop world . He received his nickname “bogie” from his grandfather who wanted to name him after one of his favorite actors Humphrey Bogart . Bogie’s grandfather was a DJ so he was influenced by music his whole life and found a passion for writing at an early age . Bogie has made a name for himself around his city and in other regions but his plan is to be a successful artist and business man worldwide . He is a strong believer in not only being a artist but being a brand .


Top 5 influences? 1.j prince 2. Master p 3. Outkast 4. Jay z 5. 2pac –


New Projects? My new projects that I have coming out is an E.P entitled ” ENERGY ” 7 songs , all amazing songs in my eyes and I’m shooting visuals to all 7 songs so I’m excited about that. I’m am also currently working on a minimovie that’s going to be called “KING ENERGY” –


What got you into music? My grandfather helped me get into music because he was a DJ and I heard all kinds of music as a kid and I knew at the age of 9 that I wanted to be a recording artist . And also I found writing a form of therapy and freeing my mind .


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is that I’m very passionate about my work , and I appreciate all of the love , respect and support that’s sent my way .


Biggest Goals? My biggest goals of 2018 are to stay consistent with my music , keep putting out good material and to build great relationships with people who share a similar vision and just to stay focused , positive and keep great energy around me !

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