Crack of Dawn

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    Bio: Crack of Dawn have been one of Canada’s greatest musical success stories since their inception many years ago. They combine Charles Sinclair’s bass-rumbling funkalicious Parliament onslaught; the slick immediate joy of Earth, Wind and Fire and the tarmac-melting swoon of classic deep soul ballads, yet only now return to pick up where they left off. Guitarist and producer Carl Harvey has been lead guitarist with Toots & the Maytals since their 1980 “Live at Hammersmith” album, sharing in their Grammy win in 2004. His work with Toots & the Maytals included world tour support slots with the likes of Rolling Stones and Santana. Also aboard is Rupert Harvey, founder of Canada’s most successful reggae band, Messenjah, not to mention, sax player, Alvin Jones; trombonist, Trevor Daley who has played with reggae behemoths, Third World; the Latin tones of trumpeter Alexis Baro; keyboardist Bela Hayman; drummer Carl Otway, bassist Charles Sinclair who has played with Al Green, and, not lastly, the generously-buttered soulful voice of Michael Dunston, an aural experience like dipping your head in whipped cream. Like the greatest of funk and rhythm and blues bands, they work as a breathtakingly agile unit, more of a force of nature than a band. They were the first black band to be signed to a major label (CBS), were discovered by Otis Redding’s producer and outsold their contemporaries, Earth, Wind and Fire in Canada. Despite being tipped for even bigger things by Billboard in the USA, all has been eerily quiet for some time…until now. Their new track, Spotlight, sees them in reflective mood, on one level, a heartfelt love song, but more keenly, a message from the band themselves, to express their gratitude to their fans and each other for keeping their music alive. Like pouring moonlight in one ear and sunshine into the other, this is true soul music, performed by a band at the height of their powers playing their own instruments and bringing the glories of their past to the present day.

    Top 5 Influences? George Clinton 2. Prince 3. Bruno Mars 4. Tower Of Power 5.Steely Dan

    New Projects? Vinyl Record due Fall 2018, Remix EDM Crack Of Dawn, song being released in 2 weeks

    What helped us get into music? Started playing in high school band and then got together with friends and started a group.

    Anything to tell your fans? Try to not get overly-influenced by all the hype from bots and computer music do your research and listen to real musicians playing real music on real instruments.

    What are the biggest goals for 2018? working on a European tour starting in the UK and releasing the vinyl record version of our New album ” Spotlight”.

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