Derek & Kyl3r



Bio – Combining Derek’s introspective poetry and Kyl3r’s hip hop influenced music production, the duo have created a unique sound that moves and resonates. The groups goal is in the message, the message is in the music. Starting with no prior knowledge the two self taught themselves everything they know. Constantly trying to grow their sound the two are on the path.


Top 5 Influences? Jon Bellion, Noah “40” Shebib, Charles Hamilton, Sylvan Lacue, Trevor Hall


Next Projects? Should be out around the fall of 2018 maybe a little sooner, but i can say we have already started working on it. We don’t want to rush our product we are putting out, we want it to be the best we can do in the moment.


What helped you get into music? For Kyl3r-  I’ve always been into music, all genres and its something that im passionate about. I use it as an escape from reality to just lock into the process of making a beat or working on the mix of it is something ive become addicted to doing. For Derek –  I’ve been writing for 5-6 years, mostly free-form poetry. Honesty and self-reflection in lyrics is something I value and admire. I continue to find power and belief in sharing what I write and record. Working with Kyl3r has brought about a sound I wasn’t expecting, but I am stoked about.                                                                                                                                                                       


Anything to tell your fans? We hope you all find something that moves or impacts you. We create to entertain and inspire. Looking forward to going on this journey with you guys.


Goals for 2018? – Keep developing our sound and making it better daily, Hopefully be heard and move people with our sound. We just want to keep creating the music we love to make.

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