Tyson Mazibuko


Exclusive Interview 


Bio : Real name is Tyson you can call me Ty people say I’m crazy bae calls me “psychoTy Son” am always too high and always getting high I’m the founder and CEO @ 420LifestyleJAM.


Top 5 influences? 1. Lil wayne 2. Cassidy 3. Gucci Mane 4. Andre 3000 5. Mary Jane “Weed”


New Projects? Have a project coming out in two months “August” birthday month, expect another one in November.


What helped you get into music? My Friends get all the credit and my big brother but most definitely it is the music industry with a lot game changing projects. Tell my fans : I love em wild they should meet me at my next show


Biggest goals for 2018? 1. Travel from S.A. to L.A. 2. Meet CASHgod 3. Do project more my fingers can count 4. 420LifestyleJAM to a higher level 5. Go to Amsterdam for weed shopping spree

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