Exclusive Interview 


BIO I’m originally from London, currently based in Bristol. Thinking of moving again soon.


Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences is hard to say, but off the top of my head: Yoni Wolf, Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, Radiohead and The Streets. There’s probably some really obvious ones that I’ve missed but I have the memory of a toddler.


What got you into music? The internet helped a lot, and technology in general really. Without that I’d have probably ended up writing novels or something because I can’t play instruments for shit. My hands are fucking tiny.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans, at risk of sounding like every artist ever, is to not just blindly follow what other people do or what they expect you to do. That has been essential to my survival, and in a way I think we’re losing it more and more these days. We’re supposed to enable each other, not cripple or paralyse each other. I think honesty is becoming harder and harder and that’s a shame *sad/inspiring piano music plays in the background*


Goals for 2018? I have so many goals for 2018! Man. I’d really like to expand my portfolio as a producer and start working on other people’s stuff more, and do some interesting stuff outside of my comfort zone. That would be really fun I think. I want to keep thinking of new ways to make cool shit that entertains people or makes them feel some type of way, not necessarily music but just whatever really. I’m also just trying to be a lot more open minded and smart about things instead of believing my own dumb bullshit all the time.

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