Chris Darko


Exclusive Interview 


Top 5 influences? Eell i have lots of influences but out of all of them i’d say Lil Peep, Seshollowaterboyz, Linkin Park, $uicideboy$ and Tyler the Creator


New projects? I actually Just dropped this 


New Projects? Then i have 2 collab tapes with members of my rap collective (B$B) then 3 other solo projects later in the year towards the fall. lots of different sounds coming from me, i like to stay versatile.


What helped you get into music? wWell i always knew i wanted something to do with music, but it wasn’t til i started listening to underground artists such as Bones, $uicideboy$, Pouya, Lil Peep, Coldhart, etc that gave me the motivation to do it. Plus i knew i was somewhat talented so i just decided to apply my potential to the music.


Anything to tell your fans? Well i have a small fan base i guess, mostly local and some across the states (even over seas) but all id like to say is thank you for listening to me and letting me be myself. i very much encourage you all to do the same and find passion in the things you don

Goals for 2018? All i really wanna do is send a message to people, letting them know they’re not alone. let them know that life gets fucked up but that shouldn’t stop em from doing what they enjoy. i’d also like to spread my sound all over as much as i can. also plan on starting my own clothing brand. hopefully by the end of the year i have it all ready. i trust the process.

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