Good Rhymes


Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio 3 Sport Athlete in HS Track/Basketball/Football Moved from Traverse City to Grand Rapids to attend Grand Valley State University- earned marketing degree in 4 years 2010 – started rapping 2015 – started my &realGoodRhymes Twitter page to organize my rhymes Good Rhymes came to be bc GR are the first letters of both Grand Rapids & Good Rhymes. I became obsessed with writing rhymes, I get a high off growing the page from an organization tool into a respectable page that helps people in their time of need 2017 – wrote & released ‘My Name’s Not Sean EP’ (4 songs) on SoundCloud Influenced by anxiety/depression/relationships/sports/family/support I have a ridiculous amount of rhymes, it takes time to form them into bars & find the perfect beat


Who are your top 5 influences? I grew up in the Millennial Era in a big HS where it’s best to just fit in & not stand out (that sheltered me from the 80s/90s rap). I pay homage to the greats that created a platform for hip hop & it’s culture. I really appreciate old school rap even more since I started rapping. The influences I chose are artists that helped me write & think differently. I use poetry as a way to vent, it’s therapeutic & honestly healthy. Once my feelings are on paper, I begin to heal. I chose artists that kept me going when I was in pain, artist that drowned bad thoughts away when I was in the worst place. Eminem got me interested in rap Mac Miller got me into rap Logic kept me going when Mac’s career went splat Son Real – has an incredible singing voice, came from nothing in Canada, I compare him to Akon Cryptic Wisdom – he’s my age & is absolutely killing it this year, I compare him to an All In 1 Linkin Park, rocks the chorus/raps the verses I’ve seen all these artist preform multiple times & plan to see them again next time they’re around. In fact, I’m seeing Logic/NF/KYLE in June


When are your new projects coming out? Studio time‘s hard to come by & the money adds up quickly so I have no dates set in stone. I will tell you I have a treat coming in the next month or so. Check out my 22 second teaser video on Twitter, it’s candid footage of me recording the song tonight


What helped you get into music? I’ve always loved hip hop, I’m straight hip hop lol I embraced the culture at a young age & the rest is history (always bumped hip hop in the car/love of basketball & having the flashiest shoes). What really got me into music & gave me time to get used to preforming on a mic – I’ve been a full time wedding DJ for almost 5 years I‘ve DJed over 250 weddings & I’ve gotten very good at it, people call me DJ Dimples bc of my occupation & my face


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Don’t be afraid to tell your closest friends everything about you. I suffered from anxiety & depression for years bc I closed myself from people I love & trust. If I opened up, I wouldn’t have suffered as long. I used writing to get all that junk outta my head & put it to good use. Don’t be afraid to pursue your creative side. Find an activity or hobby that you’re obsessed with. I heard Pam Halpert’s (The Office Receptionist)casting interview today & she said, ‘I’d rather be at the bottom of a ladder that I love, than be half way up a ladder that you hate’


What are your biggest goals for 2018? Thinking about dropping a single named ‘State Of Hip Hop’ soon, stay tuned! Dropping an 8 Song EP Named ‘Mr Right’ later this summer I have big plans for my next project, you’ll have to follow me to find out the details

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