Doubt Johnson

  1.  Exclusive Interview 

    BIO DouBt is more than the average rapper with a microphone and a mixtape, the Chicago artist could possibly be one of the best emcees to blossom from the midwest. The best way to describe DouBt would be his unique blend of hip hops past, present, and future in one remarkable moment. DouBt aka Marcus Johnson endured what most young men being raised by a single mother and living in poverty stricken neighborhoods. Since the age thirteen he began to make music and doing talent shows to capture his dream in 2000 after losing his grandmother, aunt, and uncle each five months apart. DouBt’s goal is to be a great hip hop artist like the ones he was influenced by such as Tupac Shakur, Talib Kweli, and Eminem to name a few. Currently DouBt can be found putting on amazing perfomances at venues allaround the Chicagoland area including winning the Showcase Tour at refuge in June. Doubt has recorded over 500 songs spread through 16 underground albums and mixtapes soon to be released alongside his latest work of art the “Preseason” mixtape working with exceptional producers from all walks of life such as Flawless Tracks, Mr.kooman and Tha Shipmates to name a few. Although an independent artist, DouBt has taken another step toward his goals by strengthening his own independent record label MonstaEnt music group est. 2008 the time has finally come. Besides making a major move into the business side of music, it also gives him a chance to create opportunities for other underground artist such as himself to also share their story with the world.

    Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences would be Pac, Eminem. Tallb kweli, Outkast and Slum Village

    New Projects? Currently working on a personal movement of mine which I will turn into a mixtape ..dropping singles every few weeks to bring back that essence his hop that some feel is missing..while I finish up “The stat Sheet Ep” and “Still Thinkin Bout Jenna” to drop later this year

    What helped you get into music? what helped me get into music besides my mother who was a upcoming singer back in the day..was just having a story to tell that I feel most of the world can relate to..and I feel I speak for the ones who cant

    Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans one thing and thats to get out your own way..there’s ppl that struggle with so many things including doubts and fears..instead of letting those stop you I use that as a reason to push forward and follow dreams and do the impossible

    Goals for 2018? My goal this year is to find my fans and to reach another plateau musically..

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