Dreamer Beats

  1. Top 5 Influences? 2Pac, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Warren G, there are many of them especially West Coast artists, but I choose these guys

    New Projects? I have many projects coming out soon, a new strictly West Coast and G-Funk album with the rapper who goes by the name Mygla, he is from Norway, there are many rappers and singers on this album, anyway I would like to say thanks to everyone who is making songs using my beats and helping in bringing back G-Funk.

    What got you into music? I have to say Diggy Down Recordz, they are like family to me, they helped me gain connections with artists in this genre and make awesome music.

    Anything to tell your fans? Well, thanks for all support and be ready for more awesome music, know that my fans are my fams.

    Goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is to buy my own house, help my family and establish a base in LA and of course, bring back G-Funk with my friends!

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