Liv Roskos

Exclusive Interview 



Bio: Music has been in my blood every since I was young. Growing up, I spent many evenings in the living room around the piano creating music with my sisters and mother. As a teenager I spent time with my friends at my house writing and creating music. We would spend hours writing, playing, and recording music. It was a form of therapy for me, and time seemed to stand still when I was creating something with music. When I was 14, I spent time traveling to the Czech Republic and brought my violin with me. I remember meeting so many different kinds of people speaking languages from all over the world. Music transcends human language, its spoken and understood by everyone. I spent a lot of my highschool summers there.Moving to Chicago, music stayed with me. In the busyness of college life and stress, music was still apart of my life and I spent time in Musical Theater traveling across the states performing Godspell. For me, music has always been connected to specific moments in time. Moments that almost seem to freeze in time to a specific song and become the soundtrack to whatever your experiencing at that time. Growing up, I remember listening to the Duke Ellington Band and Billie Holliday on CD.  I loved old music and always felt like I had an appreciation for music that was deep lyrically and layered musically. Over the past few years I have explored element of jazz, folk, hip-hop & R&B and have dug deep into what it means to be an artist that can create outside a specific genre. The past few years for me as an artist has been a journey of fear, pain, joy, and remembrance. I have learned how to write out of places of hurt and depression. I have learned what it is to sing with conviction and meaning. I have learned how to play what I’m hearing. I have been stretched and pulled out of my comfort zone more than I ever thought possible. I have spent time collaborating, exploring, and working with artists from all musical genres all over the city. My heart and passion is in collaboration and experimentation and I love the process of creating something fresh and exciting from mindset of different peoples and cultures. I have spent the past few years as a vocalist and violinist for hip-hop artist CW Allen and recently this year am breaking into my own lane. I recently dropped my first single “Lies” ft CW Allen which explores sounds of pop and hip-hop. My hope is to have a small EP available on all musical outlets, late summer. I think some of the hardest challenges for me as a musician and artist have been overcoming my own fears and insecurities that exist inside of me. Moving to Chicago and breaking into the music scene here, I lived in a lot of fear. Anxiety of the unknown and finding what it means to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. Worried about what others would think of me and struggling to find my own voice. I struggled through depression and anxiety and dealing with a lot of death from people that were very close to me. This affected my desire to write and create, and left me in seasons where I didn’t want to move forward with music. I struggled through my own excuses and laziness and finally realized that despite if others perform, come through, stab you in the back, or disappoint you, it’s still your responsibility to move forward and create.


Top 5 influences?Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Adele, Alisson Krauss, Leon Bridges


New Projects: I just dropped my first single LIES, am working on a music video for this song, and will be dropping my next song SEEDS in the end of June.  Working on a small EP that will be done by the end of June.


What got you into music? I have been singing and playing violin since I was really young. My younger sister inspired me in music. I remember sitting in the living with her as she played piano and we would sing and mess around with each other. Growing up in a musical family, it was in my blood.


Anything to tell your fans?  Push through your fear. You can not wait till you get over your fear or till you become more confident to put out music, perform etc.  Confidence is moving forward even in the middle of your anxiety and fear.  Continue protecting, cultivating, and growing your dream. Reach for greatness and expect it.


Goals for 2018? One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to finish an EP and to perform at least one major festival/show.

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