Exclusive Interview 

BIO Im a self taught producer. I grew up in Vancouver. i started making tunes about 10 years ago on my ipod with the FL app in highschool then moved to a online browser DAW called Audiotool cause it was free. I made hiphop/house beats to begin with and only used samples. I got into dubstep Eventually made the move and got legit FL and stated to learn sound design/mastering.

What got you into music? What really sparked my interest in bass music was deadmau5.

Top 5 Influences? My top influencers today have to be Svdden death, Insan3lik3, Rezz, Pegboards Nerds, Virtual Riot, G jones, Getter, kill paris.

New Projects? I have a few collaborations coming out within a month, one with CH3SHIRE.

Anything to tell your fans? Id tell my fans thanks for taking the time to appreciate my art.

Goals for 2018? My goal for 2018 is to make my first music video and start holding my own events here in Vancouver.

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