Zéus Chamberlain

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO I’m a Houston born Hip-Hop artist/songwriter I first got into rap in 2000 when i heard Ludacris’ “Southern Hospitality” for the first time. Now as a 22 year old with some battle experience and a few mixtapes under my belt I’m ready to make that big push because I believe I can make it.

    New Projects? My new project “Unsober Thoughts” debuts on July 14th 2018 and will be available through all streaming services.

    What got you into music? I’ve been into music my whole life. I used to play the piano early on but had to drop it for football, but music has really been my only escape from some of the more disastrous aspects of my life.

    Anything to tell your fans? My fans should know without them there is no me. I love each and every supporter I get and I keep grinding for y’all. I’ve had issues with taking long breaks in the past but I’m back for good now. I’m gonna still deliver amazing music with that same energy and lyricism y’all expect from me if not better

    Biggest Goals of 2018? My biggest goal of 2018 is to spread my wings and travel more I know I have fans that aren’t in Houston so I plan on touring soon! Look out for Zèus Chamberlain!

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