Jamie R

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO Well my name is Jamie Richards my my artist name is Jamie R i am a singer/songwriter from the uk i have been singing since 10 years old  i do r&b and soul music my music is like a journey of emotions and some are true and real and what makes me different to all other singers out there is my lyrics are true and real and mean something i fell in love with r&b and soul when i heard Brian Mcknight and Joe Jaheim and other r&b singers and Motown singers music is my life lyrics are my story so hope you follow me on my journey. 

    Top 5 Influences?   Brian Mcknight Craig David Joe Jaheim Avant

    New Project? My new single will be jamie r do it again and it will out may 19th

    What got you into music? Just listening to r&b made me fall in love with it and i was hooked on it from then start singing covers then writing my own stuff without music i would be lost

    Anything to tell your fans? Never be scared and never give up no matter what it is age ability everyone has a dream and never let anyone get in you way or stop you dream big

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is getting my music out there and heard and enjoy making music and love writing music and getting new fans 

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