Exclusive Interview 



Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would be Eminem, Slug of Atmosphere, J. Cole, Donald Glover, and Flatbush Zombies


New Projects? I’ve got a EP called Dontay’s Inferno comin out this Friday, and a couple mixtapes to follow it within the next month


What got you into music? My mom’s bestfriend is a rapper, XL, and when I was 5, I heard a song by Eminem and it just clicked that this was what I wanted to do so, I asked X to teach me more after that I just never stopped at it really.


Anything to tell your fans? If I could tell my fans anything, I would want to say that it doesn’t matter what the world says, if you have a dream and you can see it, then it’s possible.


Goals for 2018? This year I’m expanding with merch and bigger projects so my main focus is design for the brand and of course honing my own skills more at the same time

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