Exclusive Interview 

Top 5 Influences? But my top 5 influences are 50 Cent, J Cole, The Temptations, Tupac and The Isley brothers in that order.

New Projects? New projects coming out: 4 new singles dropping by Sept 20th “if i cant (Still)” “Motivation” “G.C.L. (game called life)” and “Feel my pain”. All real classic and inspirational feel to the songs that will bring life 2 hip hop.

What helped you get into music? The only thing that helped me get into music is being very quiet and observing. Finally getting a chance to speak out loud and tell my story thru music is like my gift..like i was chosen to paint pictures thru music. MY WAY!

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans to expect nothing but me all real. Im a father first which is what my brand is about. I lead not follow. Respect me as a father before u respect me as a hip hop artist “rapper”.

Biggest Goals for 2018? Biggest goals for 2018 is 2 brand myself to the fullest to gain the respect for my label 1M.C. “1 man circle” all me and also making money off singles and building a buzz.

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