1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: To be honest I used to write in high school…..I didn’t like school but I like English class cuz I like to play with words so every time my teacher would have a poetry entry every week and she used to ask me to join I would say no and she be like u should let ppl read what u say or hear it so I entered in a contest I had submitted 3 papers and one of them caught her eye cuz I was tellin a story about karma and every time I wrote something she kept it and gave me all of them at the end of the year and she showed me what ppl were saying about it but I was also into basketball and shit so It fell second to everything. Then one day I jus said fuck imma spit somethin and I was playing with it at the time Then I got serious when I seen ppl really started listening to my songs

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 are e40, keak da sneak, Dave east, philthy rich and livewire, and db tha general. I have other influences but I grew up off of these plus I like rap where someone is gassin or tellin a story

    New Projects? I’m working on my EP….it’s called Tryin To Leave The Game. I got a few songs imma drop stay tuned on my SoundCloud

    What got you into music? What helped me get into music is the fact I use to write in high school and never said anything

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans if I got any is do what makes u be in your zone jus be u

    Biggest Goals? Biggest goals are to see how this music shit goes cuz I got gasss

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