Qüx 1. Give us your bio.. I like to keep things like this rather short; mainly because I’m OCD + ADHD, and I digress a lot, but I’ll basically & briefly explain as much as I can fit in an extended paragraph. I’m a late 80’s born, [West] Phoenix Arizona native, with a quarter of my childhood spent growing up in Colorado. I am a self-taught poet/songwriter and singer, and a novice level-trained pianist. I’ve been singing since I was 5, writing since I was 10, and learned how to produce, design, and program music [digitally] at 14. I incorporated my self-taught methods and piano training into using FL Studio demo’s (I started with version 3), mimicked all of my favorite and most idolized artist’s/producers, and developed my sound as a producer from about 2001 to 2012. From then to now, I’ve simply been on a journey to get better, and be the best ME at what I do – nothing less, but all accepting to more – and anything that came with that commitment. Presently, I am building a small but lengthy [in number of works] resume of producer credits with local artists, and a couple major label affiliates. I started my 1st personal body of work as my own artist this year.

Who are your top 5 influences? These legends change from time to time since I have so many for different categories of Art, but the 5 that hold my present Top 5 “Musically” would have to be: D’Angelo, Pharrell, Timbaland, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West. If you were to ask of my ALL TIME Top 5 influencers, I would still have D’Angelo in that list, FYI.

 When are your new projects coming out? I just released my 1st one as an Artist on the 23rd of this Month, called Voicenotes (vol.1) | A.N.A.T.O.M.Y. It’s a demo made completely of voice note recordings from my phone, and I decided to use it as a project for library music and sync/submission work for label artists. I have recently worked on 4 projects as a main producer & writer with my brother Sincerely Collins, since 2012. Check him out if you haven’t heard of him! I plan on re-releasing the demo as a remastered album by 4th quarter of this year, along with some new relative material and Art. 4.

What helped you get into music? I believe what helped me the most was knowing that my purpose was to create and/or pursue music in some form at a very early age. I was the youngest member [5 y.o.] of a teen youth choir while I lived in Denver, and at 8 years old, I taught myself how to count bars and find rhythm listening to D’Angelo, and A LOT of Timbaland records. ALL I listened to was Timbaland/Magoo/Missy/Aaliyah/Ginuwine/Playa albums, from like 8 to 12 years old. I was a chubby, shy, weirdo kid, who was naturally the outcast of most kids. I was able to escape to the World of music they introduced back then as if I lived there. Tim’s music and D’Angelo’s writing/singing-style resonated highly with me, and it basically shaped the foundation of where my musical connection comes from mentally. Taking that aspect, and merging it with the discovery of FL studio at 14, is basically what helped me set my journey to be an Artist in stone.

Anything to tell your fans? I’ve always told myself that I’d give back to my fans when they end up finding me, because thanking them wouldn’t be enough. To manifest, I would tell them: “Thank you for investing in my Art. Let’s create idea’s together, so I can stay involved in your lives as much as you’ve helped me build my life.” Yeah. I suppose I would say something to that extent, and then put together something cool for them to interact with, so they’d be both investing their money into me and getting something more out of it than my Art. 6.

Biggest Goals of 2018? My main goal this year that completes a portion of my big picture goal…I desire to make placements and sync deals every month, so that I can make the living I deserve to make as a committed Artist. I desire to save and invest in the foundation(s) I’ve already started to build as a Content Creator, and I desire to achieve some smaller material goals, until they become even-keeled goals that require the money I’ve already desired to make. From then on, no matter what opportunit(ies) present themselves or which ones I take, I desire to continue learning from, building up, and achieving the life my purpose was written for.

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