Spinoff Beats


Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Name: Jacob Bilberry From: Norfolk, VA


Top influences? 9th Wonder: I love classic soulful sample style beats which is what 9th is known for. I also appreciate the videos he did showing his sampling process and just how he looks for moments in songs that will shine in a beat. TDE Artists: I admire their uniqueness and artistry in their music. They usually have depth and meaning to their projects and I also like to convey moods and feelings through production in a similar fashion. Pharell: Hometown area hero in music production. I just look up to him for being a pillar in hip-hop and to represent the 757. Loved the music he did with Clipse. Former piano teacher and former band director instilled a love for music in me and I learned attention to detail in music from them.


New Projects? Just uploaded a 17 beat project entitled the The Dream. People can listen for free on Soundcloud. I have no planned project releases at the moment, but I’m constantly working and I’ll likely introduce new instrumentals at random points throughout the year.


What helped you get into music? I have always been around music growing up. My dad in particular exposed me to several genres although I always gravitated most to hip-hop, jazz, and soul. My parents bought me a piano and keyboard around the age of 9 and I played consistently up until I graduated high school. I also credit my piano teacher and high school band director for instilling in me a love for music. Music is like meditation for my soul and it literally helps me push through any situation – negative or positive. My appreciation for music eventually led me to beat making and I’ve just been working on my craft the last 6 years.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Well to the few fans I do have, I want to just thank them for believing in me. There are a handful that have really been supportive from the start even when my beats were trash. But what I want to say to anybody that follows me is to not let anyone cause you to develop doubt with your dreams. I’ve had very little encouragement with making beats and was told to stop more than to keep going. As long as you consistently put in work, you will achieve whatever you set out to do in due time. The battle in lofe is really with ourselves and keeping that determined mindset. You do all you can and God will do the rest.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? Throughout this entire process, I’ve had the mindset that there is always room to grow and work to do. For 2018, I just want to continue to progress and take my music to another level. I’m already realizing some of that growth with the reception I’m getting from fans of hip-hop. I just want to keep that momentum going and hopefully work with some artists in my area. There is a lot of talent in the 757. Artists like Billy Mercury and DeAngelo Xavier are 2 local products I cheer for from afar.

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