Jamal North

Exclusive Interview 

BIO I am from Alief(Houston,Texas) born and raised. I always grew up listening to swisha house, hot boys, Gucci mane, G unit and all the hot artist of many genres.

Influences? My biggest influence would be my Mom and my close friend C Mills (Capo Mills).

What got you into music? We grew up watching all the videos of all the hit artist and planned to look better than them and most importantly strived to become better then them. I would say my influences, determination and my courage helped me get into the music game. I say influences because when I first started music, I played my song (sunny day) for my mom (Ivory North) and she enjoyed it and told me “keep trying… one day you will make it.” And that coming from Ivory had to be the best motivation I ever needed.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is that, “no matter what obstacles happen to you for fall, stand back up and fight for what you want because the inevitable will occur at the end.”

Biggest Goals of 2018? My biggest goals of 2018 are to become a millionaire, get my team TSO on top and become a icon to the youth and adults of the 21 century.

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