Johnnie Cleveland

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO Johnnie Cleveland aka JC ( jcmusic86 ) is a Multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Performer, and artist from the Bay Area. His mission is straight forward, to provide a creative environment, create a strong network and affordable professional services for musicians, artists, and their projects. Also to connect our communities through therapeutic music, visual art, education and practice. JC has done many shows throughout The Bay such as Mill Valleys Sweetwater Music Hall, Petaluma’s Phoenix Theatre, Fairfax’s 19th Broadway, and San Francisco’s Club 6, has performed with and has been a Dj for artists like Zion I , San Quinn, Nef The Pharoah and the Locksmith . He is also a live beat performer and lyricist who produces and records himself and a few local musicians. JC delivers high energy performances mixed with live and pre-made beats. Moreover, he has produced many tracks of his own, and over one hundred beats in the short time he’s been working on his craft. Besides making instrumentals and rapping, he also touches on bass guitar and the piano keys. Born in San Francisco in 1986 and raised in Marin County, he started honing his creative talents in visual arts at a young age. Eventually he moved into writing poetry, that in time, formed into a love of writing rhymes in a rap style.

    Who are your top 5 influences? A:Wutang, The Gorillaz, Outkast, The Pharcyde, and The Fugees. Q:

    When are your new projects coming out? Around May i will releasing new beats and probably around June i will start dropping my new singles which are full songs i have written and produced. I also put out a live beat video every week across my social media profiles, You can catch them at

    What helped you get into music? I have always been an artist and have always had an need to create something, i started out with visual art and eventually got into music. Now i use both and I’m blessed to have found these things.

    What is one thing you would tell your fans? I love you and you are all truly appreciated. Take care of me and i will take care of you.

    What are your biggest goals for 2018? To start a tour make lots of new connections and music and to hopefully help my family and other be more financially free

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