YK Matt Wage

Exclusive Interview  BIO  I come from Peoria IL raised by a single mom just me and my brother for most my life, lower income, mom worked hard and I got into rapping probably my senior year of high school when I was about 18 and I met a friend which is now one of my … More YK Matt Wage


    Exclusive Interview    BIO My name is AJ. and I’ve been creating music for about a week now, I’m very passionate in what I do. I’m from a small town named North East and my music has been getting more and more popular within the town. Also shoutout to my producer Les, I … More AJ


Exclusive Interview  BIO The name is Justin Blackwell. Stage name is Big Dog. I’m from the rural area of Virginia. One of SoVA’s(Southside Virginia) finest. I’m 19 years old. I’ve been writing songs since the 5th grade, but I’ve been recording since seventh grade. I would say Top 5 Influences? my top 5 influences are Lil … More BigDog


Exclusive Interview  BIO: Savvy released his first independent album “Stay Focused” in 2009. Full of catchy punchlines and witty bars. The follow up to that “Blurry Vision” was only released as a mixtape on Datpiff. He continued to display his lyrical acumen on this project. After 2010 Savvy decided to focus on Outta Sight as … More Savvy


Exclusive Interview BIO “I’m the diamond in the dirt that ain’t been found.” 29 year old musician,” Flyy” says. The Saginaw artist, who is known from the once popular Saginaw group FCBBG, has been doing music for over 12 years. In 2012 the group was knowing for their wild parties and performances bringing out the … More Flyy

Recorder 333

    Exclusive Interview    BIO Charles a.k.a Recorder 333, a Malaysian-borned rapper/producer currently living in South Korea. I’m 19, dropped my first track when i was 16, and released my debut single ” Beat Dat Bottle” last month. I am fluent in 5 languages (including English and Korean), and i always mix them in … More Recorder 333


Exclusive Interview  BIO: Songwriter & hip-hop artist from WI. My style is East coast and Neutral to Dark. New Projects? Next projects coming soon will be announced on my Twitter page Top 5 Influences? Wu-tang clan. Outkast. Cassidy. Jay-Z. Jeezy because The way they impacted hip hop game   What help me get into music? It … More J-Terror


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be Nas- he’s the reason I ever even attempted to spit, 2pac-he was, and probably still is my favorite rapper, especially growing up since he spoke of real issues and society and things that I could relate to, Eminem- because of his ridiculous vocabulary … More KG