Exclusive Interview 


BIO: Im from Buffalo Ny, Moved to East point GA. When I turned 13. Mom wanted to move us out of that environment in buffalo, and she heard about the opportunity in the A. A lot of violence , and no opportunity in buffalo. My pops when I was 9, never reached out to us really since and I had a little brother and sister so I had to learn about responsibilities at a young age. That mixed with the environment I grew up in I learned how to adapt quick. I always had a way with words but what initially sparked the beginning to me doing music was listening to Nas made me want to start writing poems and I realized my poems was raps and my friends around me thought I was so cold but to me it was stories of my past or how I felt, with some wittiness. Fast forward to now Im just ready for the world to hear my story


Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences is Nas , Jeezy, Kendrick, DMX, OutKast


New Projects? My next Project is coming by beginning of the fall but I will be dropping Likle tings in the mean time The biggest thing that helped me get into music was my relationships with people. I always been a straight up person


Anything to tell your fans? The one thing I will tell my fans is stay tune have bleed music and have plenty different sounds its going to be fun


Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for 2018 is to get my music out to as many souls as possible and to gained real fans that love good music that challenges the mind a little

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