1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: Stone is a singer/ songwriter, poet, rapper from East London.Making music from a young age, he has a substantial back catalogue with music from many genres….r&b,
    slow jams, hip hop, rap, reggae, afrobeats and trap.

    Top 5 Influences?…..gigs….jhus….Nas…Busta….Tupac….Biggie….Bob Marley….Etta James….Teddy P….the old school has that feel and natural sound of pain and feeling,emotion and joys…..New age I respect what the youngest are doing in there field. 

    New Projects? My pro next drops in July I’m just dropping hot singles at the moment to create a hype for the album in July

    Anything to tell your fans? :I don’t see them as fans I see them as individuals who respect what i do as they will all take something different from a sing and see there vision with it and j kove and respect each and every one of them for that and there support. .they’re little stones who make the rock. 

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