Recorder 333



Exclusive Interview 


BIO Charles a.k.a Recorder 333, a Malaysian-borned rapper/producer currently living in South Korea. I’m 19, dropped my first track when i was 16, and released my debut single ” Beat Dat Bottle” last month. I am fluent in 5 languages (including English and Korean), and i always mix them in my tracks.


Top 5 Influences? Biggie, Lil pump, 21 Savage, Keith Ape, Tox (my “master Shifu” , he’s a Korean)


New Projects? Planning to drop my next track within this month, and my debut album within this year. However, my freestyle videos will be up on my Youtube channel every week so stay tuned!


What got you into music? I was diagnosed of OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder) when i was 9, and that shit completely fucked my life up. Malaysians at that time just treat mental patients as aliens , as a result i got bullied at school for years. I swallowed pills, hung myself up, tried to drown myself but managed to live somehow. I first listened to Biggie’s “Hypnotize” and Epik High’s “Born Hater(a K-hiphop track) when i was 14, on radio. Rap was like a new world to me, and that pushes me to start spitting bars 2 years later.


Anything to say to your fans? I’d say my fans are the most awesome chiggas in the universe. U guys saved my life and brought me to here. Thanks on that, and in return i swear that i’ll keep on the grind to become a worldstar. 6. First banger, get signed by a label so that i would be able to produce more dope tracks, releasing my debut album.


Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Facebook:

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