1. Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be Nas- he’s the reason I ever even attempted to spit, 2pac-he was, and probably still is my favorite rapper, especially growing up since he spoke of real issues and society and things that I could relate to, Eminem- because of his ridiculous vocabulary and versatility, Phora- because he puts his life and his feelings into a song better than almost anyone in the industry, and Willie Nelson- because he is awesome, and he has been involved in the music industry for longer than alot of people even want to be, and he still loves it and does it just for the love of his music, just as I do..

    New Projects?  My mixtape will be finished and coming out towards the end of April. might shoot for 4/20, but haven’t decided yet since that seems a little… unoriginal you know.. but if not the 4/20 date, then it would be on the 23rd, which is my brother’s birthday so i thought it would be as good a date as any. I will be releasing music steadily on Souncloud and on all of my social media accounts in the meantime. my goal is to give the people nonstop heat to bump for the entire year. every month dropping multiple tracks.

    What got you into music? What helped me get into music was Nas and my mother. The video and song “one mic” changed my life. from then on out, i always knew i wanted to make music for the world, and my mother has encouraged me and helped me every step of the way ever since

    Anything to tell your fans? The one thing to tell my fans would be, “y’all just wait, because you haven’t seen anything yet! The best is yet to come! Plenty more in store from KG in ’18!!”

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals in “18 are to become a household name and establish a major fan base and make a major splash in the industry in 2018. I want to complete a nationwide tour before the year ends and I want to show that Texas is still a hot spot for this rap and hiphop game. and i would say my BIGGEST goal would be to absolutely demolish this mumble rap era we have going these days. My biggest goal in ’18 is going to be my goal every year, and ultimately, it is going to be my biggest goal in rap and hiphop period.. which is to- BRING LYRICS BACK and MAKE MUSIC GREAT AGAIN!!! i will bring back the lyrics in hiphop and remind everyone of what this is all about.. THE MUSIC. “I do it for the music. I dont do it for the fame, don’t do it cuz i want folks to know my name nah i do it for the music.”

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