Exclusive Interview



BIO Demon smith aka Ottosilence San Antonio Tx 27 Rock rap rnb pop Credits – wakka flakka, dj speedy, Gucci mane all on I tunes! iTunes Spotify – trend god my last album


New Project? New project coming out is called blood on my blue jays! SoundCloud only mixtape


What got you into music? Started my first song as a write over Lil bow bow Then In 2009 started my rock and rap career when my guitarists over a 36 Mafia beat! Then in 2017 I dropped my first I tunes hit FERRIS!


Top Influences? Music influences like Kayne West , Mos Def, Run DMC, Roxane Shauntee and NWA 


Anything to tell your fans? Message for the fans I want everyone to jump on board and give someone a try who is consistent punctual and covers all genres , interviews are intuitive and intellectual and most importantly cares out his culture


Biggest Goals for 2018? Biggest goal for this year is to get over 100k streams and do a show with over a thousands of fans! Make xxl

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