Sherman Denard Woods J

Exclusive Interview  BIO My name is Sherman Denard Woods Jr from city/beach tourist town called Biloxi, Mississippi born on November 11, 1983. Im the youngest of seven sisters and one brother. As the youngest of the family I’m definitely the black sheep. I’ve been thru several obstacles in my lifetime overcoming a reading disability and … More Sherman Denard Woods J

Undead Dialect

    Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio. Richard Miner (guitarist), and William Harrington (drummer) began Undead Dialect summer 2017. Joey Malley (bassist) and Mac Duncan (vocals) joined early fall.   Who are your top 5 influences? As a band obviously have way than just five top influances collectively, but ito answer the … More Undead Dialect


Exclusive Interview  BIO NYTY is a rapper from the DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan area. NYTY (Tony Prunty III) was born on Oct 15th 1990 in SE Washington, DC & moved to Prince George’s County when he was 12. NYTY has been rapping since 2003, he saw a rap battle at his school at the … More NYTY

Contra Production

Exclusive Interview  BIO: My real name is Max Lang, I go by Contra Production. I live in Mesa Az and I was born in Columbus Ohio. Some of my top influences are Busyworksbeats, Game taught me a bunch about production when I was starting in Fl Studio, Metro Boomin of course, he kinda made it … More Contra Production

 Maximum potential

  Exclusive Interview    BIO  Born in brooklyn new york,lived in st. lucia, and raised in the bronx, new york.  Maximum potential, Cash chase or “po” as his friends call him is a hip hop artist from new york city who enjoys music, art, laughter, and a good movie among other things. more importantly he … More  Maximum potential


Exclusive Interview  BIO Jamie Linney aka ‘Tayrn’ is a hazel eyed British newcomer. He describes his music as sitting comfortably between whispered chill and melodic pop. He currently has one single out called stones, an intimate conversation that unravels slowly. New Projects? I currently have lots of songs in the works so I will defiantly … More Tayrn

Southside Gee

Exclusive Interview  BIO Southside Gee hailing from polk county Florida makes music for the southern trunk bangin’ hippies. With a mixture of obtuse lyrics and hard hitting beats, the sound is undeniable. Recently I’ve released a 16 track self produced mixtape “Trilla Gee” and I’m set to release another project before the year ends with … More Southside Gee

Skim the Sage

Exclusive Interview  BIO: I’m a 21-year old college student, originally from Akron, Ohio but now residing in the capital city of Columbus. I began writing poetry in middle school as a means of coping with adolescent angst, and soon discovered that I had a passion for intricate inner-rhyme schemes that aligned well with the art … More Skim the Sage


Exclusive Interview  BIO The names lowki aka stef1brown a 21 year old producer/ rapper from Columbia, SC and Longview, TX Top 5 Influences? My biggest influences are kanye west always been a fan of his, tyler the creator, earl sweatshirt my favorite rapper out, OG maco, and Kendrick Lamar New Projects? I dont have a … More lowki///Stef1brown


Exclusive Interview  BIO: Keenan K-LEE Lee is an Underground Rap Legend/14 time award winning tattooer. K-LEE performed over 1,000 shows and sold 54,000 cds out of the trunk of his car way before the era of youtube and itunes back when an artist had to bust their ass to get heard. K-LEE has released 11 … More K-LEE