Captain Boom



Exclusive Interview 



BIO: Just a regular kid that grew up in a no name town called Eaton Rapids,MI (it’s the only one in the world) Started playing drums at 8 and then joined the school band in 5th grade. At first I wasn’t very good but then I became obsessed with just learning new things with the drums. When I hit high school I became the only Freshman Snare on the Drumline. That’s when I fell in love fully with music. I started learning to play the piano, then came the guitar, and quickly I just wanted to learn whatever I could get my hands on. I wasn’t a popular kid in school. Band Geek and I was the #2 Rock Band player in the world. So as you can imagine I wasn’t the life of the party. But after high met some of the best friends I’ll ever have who constantly encouraged me and pushed me to chase my dream. They still do. It’s amazing. Music is amazing. This all is amazing. Music saved my life. I grew up struggling with depression and music was the one constant. I had a fight with alcoholism for an extended period of time and music brought me back. Battling heartbreaks and being treated like dirt. Borderline going crazy I’ve been through a lot. It’s always been the place when the raw emotions come out. It’s my release. It’s my home. It’s me. That’s why music is so important.


Who are your top 5 influences? MGK, Illenium, Jai Wolf, 30 Seconds to Mars, & Mike Shinoda


New Projects? I am currently working my first major EP that is a culmination of everything I’ve been through and grown through over the years. That will be coming towards the middle of the summer but no definitive date yet.


What helped you get into music? Music has always been in my family. I’ve been playing drums since I was about 8yrs old and before that I was just a kid singing along to the radio in the mirror pretending I was on stage. I always knew music was somehow going to be what I did the rest of my life but I was not always sure how I’d get there. That’s what makes the journey beautiful.


Anything to tell your fans?  Embrace your weird self. You don’t need to act cool or follow a trend. Just be you, it’s way more enjoyable when what you’re becoming and growing into is authentic. LOVE YOURSELF


Biggest Goals for 2018? I definitely want to make some trips out west to play some new shows, but only time will tell. Things are definitely picking up in a way I didn’t see coming this quick but I’m beyond excited for the future.

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