1. FLOSS®️

    Exclusive Interview 

    BioI am a freelance rapper, song writer, producer, from South Carolina. I’m 26. A big fan of Rap, Pop, Rock and instrumentals , born summer of 1991

    Top 5 influences? lil wayne, lil Jon, young Jeezy, yo Gotti, and ludacris and T.i.P if there’s room for 6

    New projects? ive been doing new instrumentals every week but as far as shows, Singles or album EP’s? I don’t have anything planned but if I get a good beat..it could be tomorrow or next year I won’t ever know. Im Hopeful I get inspired to create new music

    What got you into music?-—-RADIO!!RADIO!!Radio… Hype beats and ENERGY… My friends and Girls..

    Anything you would tell your fans? Send me a prayer for all we have to overcome in this world thank you for listening

    Goals for 2018?  stay educated, motivated, to expand and keep my cool. Stay free and independent.

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