Jon Schneider




Exclusive Interview 



Bio: Jon Schneider (born February 8, 1995) is a Singer-songwriter, Producer, and Pianist. Known as Jshnide, he has produced for and worked with numerous rising stars such as Luke Christopher, Joyner Lucas, Lil Yachty, Taylor Bennett, and Chiddy Bang.Born in Westlake Village, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, Jon began playing piano at the age of eight. His mother, a classical pianist herself, noticed Jon’s passion for music at an early age and encouraged him to take lessons. After studying for a couple of years, Jon put music aside to focus on his main love at the time, basketball.When Jon was fourteen years old, he met recording artist and producer Luke Christopher, a friend and basketball teammate of his older brother Luke inspired and encouraged Jon to start making beats and producing songs. With his love of playing piano and now producing music, Jon found his new calling, composing music.Jon enrolled at NYU where he studied music composition, focusing on film composing and songwriting. During his freshman year, he won “Best Solo Instrumental Performance” for, an international online contest for instrumentalists to showcase original songs.During the summer of his sophomore year, Jon reconnected with Luke Christopher, where he produced two songs that would become part of his debut album “TMRWFRVR”. Jon also helped form electronic funk band ZIG, composed of three NYU music students. Jon was the lead composer and keyboardist for the group.During his last two years of school, Jon studied with and was mentored by Ira Newborn, a film composer known for scoring the films Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, Naked Gun, and BASEketball, and many more. He also got the opportunity to study with Barry Eastmond for a semester, a songwriter and producer for artists like Brittney Spears, Anita Baker, Billy Ocean, Chaka Khan, and other big stars.Jon currently lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend Jen, and dog Winston. As well as producing and mixing for many artists, Jon is a private instructor for piano and music production. He hopes to make his mark in the industry in both fields of songwriting and film composing.


Top 5 influences: My influences are always changing as I grow as a person and as an artist. First and foremost, my family and my girlfriend will always be my biggest influences. They support me to the fullest and always push me to be the best version of myself. My girlfriend is a huge influence behind my first project “Tomorrow’s Promise”. She showed me the true power of love and how important it is to have someone in your life that allows you to be who you are. On the music side, it is hard to choose just a few influences because I enjoy a wide range of genres. But I would have to say (in no particular order) Luke Christopher, Phil Collins (especially the Tarzan soundtrack), Kanye West, NO ID, and Alan Menken (Film composer). I think what inspires me the most about these artists/creators is that they all produce and write their own music. I have always believed that doing that creates the most original and authentic sound.

When are your new projects coming out?: My first project “Tomorrow’s Promise” is now available on all streaming platforms. This is the only project I currently have out but I am constantly working on new music and will be putting out new tracks throughout the year.

What helped you get into music?: My mom is a classical pianist and she started me with lessons when I was about eight years old. My main focus growing up was playing basketball but music has always played a big part in my life. When I was fourteen, Luke Christopher inspired and encouraged me to start making beats and producing songs. Once I started there was no turning back – after high school I studied Music Composition and songwriting at NYU.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?: A lot of the music I create is uplifting, positive music about love, passion, and happiness. Many people consider this style of music to be corny or even a false reality. But believe me when I tell you, there are positive people out there in the world trying to spread a positive message to the world…It’s just hidden beneath the rest of stuff because it sounds “different.” It takes time to find out who you are but once you start understanding who’s inside, you realize you are capable of achieving anything.

Biggest goals of 2018: My biggest goal this year is simply to release more music to the world. I also want to collaborate with as many young, inspiring artists as I can, whether that is on my own songs or songs I produce and write for others. But most importantly, I want to keep creating the most honest music I am capable of creating.

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