Jay Legacy

  1. Jay Legacy

    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO  Unsigned HipHop/RnB artist Singer/Songwriter Jay Legacy Social Media: Instagram – therealjaylegacy Snapchat – legacy387 Facebook – The Real Jay Legacy Twitter – always real with myself and the people, my songs could make you mad, sad, happy, or even make you feel real disrespected either way my music in my own words are “filled with emotion and not aimed to please” parental advisory is advised. though have a soft spot for the ladies with an exquisite taste for RnB I allow you into my heart and expresses vulnerability when it comes to love and heartbreak. I am truly a versatile character, as I like to describe myself to have “multi alter egos” (50 Shades Of Jay) if you will. Take a step into the mind of Jay Legacy and follow my journey to success!

     Top 5 Influences?  My top 5 influences in music are 2pac, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Fabolous and My Mom may she Rest In Peace

    New Projects? I have a single dropping the first week in April and My E.P. Dropping Mid Summer titled

    What got you into music?  It wasn’t what but who got me into music was my pops, growing up as a child my dad was a D.J. So every morning I would wake up to the newest songs bumping in my living room. I couldn’t help but rap along songs by 2pac and Biggie and vibe out to the sounds of RnB/Pop like Michael Jackson to groups like 112. 4.

    Anything to tell your fans? For my fans I would have to say all my songs are for you, all I do is try and make music as real as possible for the best feels for even the worst of times. Nothing is more therapeutic than a song that really touches your soul. 

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 would be one, releasing my debut album at the end of the year and two, my biggest goal is to have a big enough platform to spread the love of music hand in hand with the love for equality.

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